Our Vision

PyroSmart Mexico, S.A. is a Mexican corporation, oriented to service, innovation and technological development for the industries of explosives and pyrotechnics.

The origins of PyroSmart go back to 1960 when Marcelo Mantecón started the sale of explosives to the construction industry in the west area of the country. Nowadays, PyroSmart manufactures for MJG Technologies Inc. from the United States, the electronic match J-Tek and also participates in the Dutch-Argentinian company ZAC Perforating in the manufacture of shaped charges for the stimulation of oil wells.

The manufactures installed in Mexico through PyroSmart are oriented mainly to the export market, but serve also the national market. Pyrosmart facilities, that have all the corresponding permits from the Mexican Government, are strategically located 4 hours driving from the United States border (Texas).

PyroSmart also develops and markets a pyrotechnic device called PYROBLAST-C used for rock fragmentation in sensible areas. This product, patented by the company, as well as its ignition system, the eFuse, obtained 2 awards from the Mexican Government through the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), being the only company in the country, in this field, to obtain this awards.

PyroSmart has distributors in Mexico, Panama, Brazil and Chile.

PyroSmart is a small, efficient company, results-oriented and with an international business culture.

Our Mision

"PyroSmart is a company formed by people with global thinking that offers solutions of products and services related with industrial pyrotechnic and explosives through an organization oriented to excellence, security, quality and service all over the world".

Our vision is:

  • Our customers recognize us as leaders of the products and solutions we offer, in terms of quality and service.
  • Our employees thrive because their challenges and work conditions provide them with good opportunities of personal and professional development.
  • Society recognizes PyroSmart Mexico respectfully, as a result of our responsible behavior regarding the laws of our society, democratic principles, local traditions and environmental care, as well as our relations with people around us.


Experience in obtaining and maintaining permits of the Mexican Government including:

  • TMinistry of Defense permits, and transport permits form the Ministry of Communications and Transport.
  • IMMEX Register.
  • Experience in obtaining import and export permits for explosive and pyrotechnic products including legalization of signatures before the Interior.Ministry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies.
  • Experience in ISO 9000 and OHSAS 18001 management systems.
  • Focus on results.
  • International business culture.
  • Knowledge of the country and the Latin American market.
  • Knowledge of manufacture of explosives including slurries and ANFO, as well as pyrotechnics related devices.
  • Dealer network in Mexico. Distributors in Brazil, Chile and Panama.
  • Knowledge of logistics including handling, packaging and packing; land, air and sea transportation; storage, distribution and marketing products and artifacts related to fireworks or explosives. Transportation permits and shipment authorizations on predefined paths. Knowledge and experience in trademarks26 and patents and intellectual property protection registration as well as technology transfer contracts and brand licencing.
  • Experience in distribution and marketing of products related with pyrotechnics and explosives.
  • Examples of success implemented in Mexico. MJG Technologies, Inc. (United States) Byapetrol-ETASA (Netherlands-Argentina).
  • Extensive knowledge of the firearms and explosives law.
  • Professional staff in administrative areas, logistics and engineering.
  • Knowledge of management and turnkey projects for manufactures and logistics.
  • Cargo vehicles for fireworks and explosives materials. PyroSmart Ground.
  • Agreement with the Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas for the use of laboratories as Competent Authority.